Writing an about page reminds me of job interviews, when they ask “so tell me how you got here”.

Lived in: Fife 4 years, Edinburgh 10 years, Crieff 4 years, Stirling 4 years

Now: Edinburgh

Went to school, went to university, and got a degree.

I realised in my third year of university that I no longer wanted to study politics, instead I’d rather be studying film, media and especially photography. I kept it up though, got my degree and decided I would pursue everything when I’m done. Currently I’m also a bartender, I enjoy it and it pays the bills.

I’ve always loved taking photographs. I got my first bridge camera a week before I went to South Africa on holiday, I think that’s what truly got me hooked. I came back with these amazing photos from safaris to sunsets.

Although I’ve owned a DSLR since I was 18, it’s only in the last year I’ve been more serious about it.

I love taking photos, I love sharing them, and I’d like to say that I always will.